Energy Audits

Energy Audits

An energy audit is conducted to determine where, how and when energy is being consumed in a facility followed by identifying opportunities that may be used to improve on energy efficiency. As a consultant, we will work closely with your building or operations staff in order to further understand the facility and ensure accuracy and effectiveness of recommended solutions.

The audits begin with the review of utility bills, facility mechanical & electrical drawings and building automation systems (if applicable). This allows us to prepare well in advance of the physical site walk-through. The outcomes of an energy audit differ based on the type of audit however, the purpose is to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and to assess whether the costs of the measures make for good investments or not through financial analysis.

ASHRAE Level 1 (Site Walk-Through/Preliminary Audit)

An ASHRAE Level 1 Audit is conducted to identify low/no-cost energy savings opportunities as well as large capital retrofits that could be implemented. The audit will also consist of a short utility bill analysis. This type of audit is the least detailed amongst the audits and typically does not provide thorough financial/energy analysis of measures.

ASHRAE Level 2 (Energy Survey and Comprehensive Analysis)

An ASHRAE Level 2 Audit is the most typical type of audit in most situations. The audit includes a detailed description of the facility, benchmarking, a detailed utility bill analysis breaking down facility energy use, identification of low/no-
cost & capital measures, and a full financial & energy analysis of those measures.

ASHRAE Level 3 (Exhaustive Energy Audit)

An ASHRAE Level 3 audits builds on everything that is in an ASHRAE Level 2 audit however, the level of detail far exceeds that of a Level 2 audit. The audit is an investment grade audit where equipment monitoring and detailed capital costs are the focus.