Recommissioning & Retro-commissioning

Recommissioning (EBCx) & Retro-commissioning

Retrocommissioning is the procedure involving optimizing an existing building that has been either already commissioned or retrocommissioned. The process ensures that building equipment and systems are operating at optimal levels to meet the occupant needs. It involves a thorough investigation to identify problems and integration issues. Recommissioning primarily focuses on identifying low/no-cost operational improvements to help reduce energy
consumption and improve occupant comfort.

Retro-commissioning is the process that is done to existing buildings that were not formerly commissioned. It looks to integrate building equipment and systems in order to optimize facility performance. Our team can help to solve issues that take place during building design and construction stage or address any problems that develop during the building life. The process involves an inspection, diagnostic and repair to ensure building equipment and systems are operating optimally to meet occupant needs.